Bring in some extra tech to make your life easier and find out how to make your home a smart home with six of the best smart home devices on the market!

1. Smart Home Hub

The very first piece of smart technology you should buy for your home is the smart home hub.

A smart home hub acts as your home’s brain. The hub connects and controls all of your smart technology inside your home. You’ll be able to control all the smart devices listed below through your home hub.

You’ll want to compare the best smart home hubs to find the one that fits your needs and budget. The most popular to check out include the Google Home and Amazon Echo.

2. High-Tech Security System

After you buy your smart home hub, look into high-tech security systems.

Security systems have come a long way from simple alarms. Here are just a few security features options available on the market today:

  • Audio and video recording that works on a set schedule
  • Video recording streamed to your cell phone or smart device
  • Motion notifications
  • Sound detection

When looking for your new security system, compare how long the device stores the recording. The system won’t help much if your data is erased hours after it’s recorded.

3. Smart Thermostat

Having a smart thermostat inside your house will do wonders for your energy bill.

These thermostats work by studying your habits and behaviors. They know when you are usually home or sleeping. They keep track of your temperature preferences and optimize them for efficiency.

Once your smart thermostat takes a few days to adjust to your lifestyle, you shouldn’t have to change it daily. Most users see a five percent reduction in heating and cooling usage.

4. Robot Vacuum

Do you ever feel like no matter how frequently you vacuum your floors are dirty again in minutes? If so, you should invest in a robot vacuum.

You can schedule these devices to clean when you are away from home or instruct them to clean at any time through your smart home hub. There are different cleaning modes, where they can clean multiple rooms or focus on a high-traffic area.

The only things you’ll need to do is empty out the dustbin occasionally and make sure it’s charging properly on the dock.

5. Smart Plugs

Smart plugs work with your home hub to provide the ultimate smart home experience.

These smart products plug into your normal electrical outlets. By plugging anything into the smart plug, it automatically becomes an automated device. You’ll be able to control the plug through your home’s hub or your phone.

Forget if you unplugged your curling iron this morning? Want to turn off your child’s television when it’s time for them to go to sleep? Anything is possible with a smart plug.

Still Asking How to Make Your Home a Smart Home?

If you’re still asking how to make your home a smart home, skip the research and look into buying a new home or condo.

Many luxury homes on the market in the Jacksonville area come standard with these smart features. The best homes are the ones that need little to no improvements.

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