Stunning marble walls, a waterfall showerhead, heated flooring, a remote-controlled toilet. These are just a few features you’ll find in some of today’s most luxurious bathrooms.

The combinations of form and function are nearly endless. And for the discerning buyer, there is no limit to the level of opulence and lavishness.

I would now like to highlight five particular luxury bathroom ideas that you can incorporate into your design.

1. Modern Industrial

This offers a clean, barebones aesthetic that’s at the same time refined and dignified. You’ll want to start with neutral colors (white tends to work best) and throw in a bit of contrast to create crisp, well-defined lines.

Raw materials are your best friend, and you may want to consider installing concrete countertops and even a steel tub.

A good example is the fantastic New York City loft designed by Will Nathan of Homepolish. Some elements include white industrial-style wall tiling that forms a grid-like pattern, a mirrored wall as well as a doorless shower.

2. Contemporary Minimalist

Here’s a style that overlaps somewhat with modern industrial, but is a bit more subdued. Contemporary minimalist often incorporates light colored walls, plenty of glass to maximize natural light and either wood flooring or dark tile flooring.

Throw in some interesting overhead lighting and nature-inspired decor, and you’ve got an incredibly stylish space with clean lines that’s very relaxing and zen.

3. Classic Vintage

Take a step back in time by creating a high-end bathroom with a vintage feel. This adds a nostalgic, historical element, while ensuring that you still have all of the modern comforts.

Some ideas include:

  • An antique mirror
  • A pedestal sink
  • Wood flooring
  • A clawfoot tub

You may even want to experiment with Victorian or retro 70’s wallpaper depending on the specific look you’re going for.

4. Country Rustic

This is an excellent choice if you’re seeking more of a cozy, earthy, ski lodge type of feel. Just think Aspen in the winter time.

Dark wood walls are a good start and pair perfectly with high-end stone flooring. Install a waterfall or cascading shower head. And bring it all home with a copper bathtub to provide a sense of warmth.

5. All Marble Everything

Interior designer Erica Reitman mentions that marble is a controversial material when it comes to kitchen counters. But she also points out that it’s an excellent choice for many bathrooms and offers a level of grace and elegance that’s hard to match.

Using primarily black marble can give your bathroom a deep, rich feel, while white marble makes it light and airy. Or you can use a nice mix of both for beautiful minor accents or a full-on juxtaposition.

Endless Design Options for Luxurious Bathrooms

As you can see, luxurious bathrooms run the gamut, and there are really no limits to the styles and designs. I recommend playing around with the examples mentioned here and examine some of your personal style preferences to find your ideal bathroom setup.

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