If you’re thinking about living in Jacksonville, FL, there are a few things you need to know before you jump in:

What is the cost of living in Jacksonville?

How are the school systems there?

Will you be able to afford a nice house in a safe area?

What is there to do in Jacksonville?

Keep reading to have all of these questions answered and more as we share 5 reasons you’ll love living in Jacksonville!

1. Great Job Market

No matter what your dream job is, you’ll be sure to find something in Jacksonville. It was ranked in the 2017 top ten best cities for job seekers by Indeed.

Some of the biggest industries here are technology and healthcare. We also boast a big military base as well as a mega port where even the largest ships can bring in imports from and send out exports to the rest of the world.

2. Wonderful Weather

For many, the heat of southern Florida is just too much. However, Jacksonville is located at the northern part of Florida where the weather is far more temperate. The summers are bearable and the winters are mild.

The other concern many have with this state is the danger of hurricanes. Because Jacksonville is situated more inland than the rest of the peninsula, by the time any of these storms reach us, it’s just a heavy rainfall.

3. Amazing Location

Safety from hurricanes isn’t the only thing great about Jacksonville’s location. It’s also centrally located so it’s easy to spend the day or a weekend elsewhere. If you want to go somewhere else, that is.

Here are some of the places you can easily get to from Jacksonville:

  • Orlando, FL. Just over 2 hours away.
  • Savannah, GA. A 2-hour trip.
  • Charleston, NC. Only 4 hours away.
  • Miami, FL. Around 6 hours away.

If you’re looking to go further, then you can hop on a plane and go to anywhere in the world from Jacksonville’s international airport.

4. Family Friendly

Jacksonville, FL has numerous high-rated public schools to choose from. Several of our high schools boast a 100% graduation rate. There are also a number of private schools to choose from.

Additionally, this city has something for everyone, so the whole family is sure to find something fun to do. There are sprawling parks, beautiful sandy beaches, gorgeous green golf courses, and even immaculate horse barns for equestrians.

5. Affordable Luxury Homes

While all of this sounds amazing, we’ve saved the best for last. One of the things that keeps the cost of living so low in Jacksonville is the housing market. Here, you can find luxurious condos right on the beach for unbelievable prices.

If it’s your dream to move into a luxury home in a safe neighborhood but you can’t afford those Hollywood prices, then Jacksonville is the place for you and your family.

Ready to Start Living in Jacksonville, FL?

Now that you’ve learned about just a few of the advantages to living in Jacksonville, FL, you’re ready to take the next step.

Contact us today to start searching for the perfect luxury home for you and your family. We’ll help you get into your dream home so you can start living your dream life as soon as possible.