Buying a house requires a lot of thought and consideration over every little detail – especially when you’re in the market for a modern luxury house.

When you set your sights on a luxury house, you’re not just looking for a new home. You’re looking for something that supports your high-end lifestyle in every way.

A luxury home should make you feel at ease and on top of the world at the same time. But, this only happens when you know what to look for.

Here are 5 things all modern luxury homes have.

1. High-End Appliances

The quality of a home’s appliances is one of the first things that show how luxurious it is. It’s not enough to just have stainless steel appliances anymore. You should be looking for eco-friendly, smart appliances that can cater to your every need.

This goes for the kitchen, the laundry room, and even the bathrooms. Every appliance in the house needs to be on par with the best of the best available.

2. An Elegant, Spacious Interior

Another thing that screams luxury is an open, welcoming space. This shows off just how big your home is, and it also makes everyone feel at ease and interested in their surroundings.

You should be able to picture the sophisticated look you’re going for when touring an empty house, or even better – to feel like a furnished house fits the look you’re going for perfectly. This way, you can move right in and add a few simple touches to turn a nice, elegant house into your own home.

3. Security and Privacy

The next piece of luxurious living is the level of security and privacy a home offers you. This goes for large country club houses and smaller modern spaces like beach condos, too.

However big your home is, you need to make sure it’s protected. This means living in a gated community and getting a security system installed in your home. It also means trusting you have a supportive management community who has your back whenever necessary.

But, you don’t want to feel like your neighbors are right on top of you. Your luxury home should have enough space for you to feel like you’re in your own little corner of the world.

4. Luxury Amenities

It’s nice to have a community looking after your best interests and keeping you safe. But, it’s even better when your gated neighborhood or condominium building has luxury amenities.

You’re not living large until you can walk 10 steps to the beach from your condo or right onto the golf course from your house. Other high-end country club amenities include tennis courts and other outdoor activities, a spa, meeting rooms, and community events.

5. Top-Notch Comfort and Value

The final thing that all modern luxury homes offer their owners is a huge sense of comfort. It’s true that comfort is essential in any home, but luxury living definitely takes things up a notch.

Between all the amenities, the beautiful design, and the high-end appliances, your home should almost feel like a resort! It offers the kind of lifestyle you’ll never want to take a vacation from and that you’ll always be glad to come home to.

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