Buying luxury real estate is not an investment to take lightly. It’s something that requires careful thought and consideration, and having professional guidance on the matter wouldn’t hurt.

As such, you need to find a luxury real estate agent before you even think about making an offer on a property. This person can help you find the best properties in the area you’re looking to buy for the best value. They make the entire process much easier on you and they provide top-notch service every step of the way.

They’re not the easiest agents to find, though.

Here are 3 things you need to do to find the right high-end real estate agent.

Ask for Personal Referrals

Unfortunately, there are some real estate agents out there who are just looking to get a commission. There are also a handful of agents you claim to be well-versed in the luxury market, but they really don’t know what they’re doing when working with high-end properties.

You want someone who knows the high-end market like the back of their hand. More so, you need to be able to trust them and count on them.

The best way to get your search started on the right foot is to ask for personal referrals. Talk to your friends/family members who recently purchased a luxury property and ask them about their experience. Find out who their agent was and get their information.

Check What Kind of Property They Specialize In

Once you have a few referrals for luxury agents, start to research a little more about them.

Check whether they specialize in beachfront condos or large homes in gated communities. See if they can find you a good lot to build your dream home or if they specialize in timeshares and travel properties.

You want to work with the agent who specializes in the kind of luxury property you’re looking for. It does you no good to hire the best timeshare agent in the area if what you want is a year-round home in a golf and country club.

Meet Your Top Options Face to Face

Just when you think you’ve found the perfect agent, take a step back. Set a time to meet your top choices face to face. As much as you want them to be knowledgeable of the market you’re interested in, you also want you and them to have a good connection.

The only way to know for sure if you can have a good working relationship is to meet in person. See how the conversation goes and notice how invested in you they really are.

Also, take this time to ask any other questions you have about their experience and ability to offer what you’re looking for.

The Ideal Jacksonville Luxury Real Estate Agent for You

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